WP Social Community theme where user's can pay to "nominate" others into a spotlight?

I am basically looking for a social network/community theme that has a front/top page “User Spotlight” area where users can PAY to nominate someone into that spotlight, and the nominated user profile and pic will be automatically updated into the spotlight after payment.
(Instead of an admin having to manually update text after payment notification )

The idea is to have an interactive joke controlled by users that can generate revenue.

Another example:
A front / top page Spot that says: “Darwin Award of the Day”

  • Any user could pay .99 cents to “nominate” another user into that spotlight, and that user (the victim) or his friends would have to pay .99 to nominate someone else into the spotlight.

Can this be done between any of the top rated buddy press WP themes?
If so I would appreciate any theme or plugin recommendations that can achieve this.

Thanks, everyone!

99.9% this would need to be custom built. You can probably find someone at www.studio.envato.com

Ah, you really think there isn’t a single theme that could do it?
I see so many great BBPress Themes with shop pages included. that’s the ONLY feature we are missing out on that the client is looking for, just a simple “Gag” for fun that users can interact with while generating revenue.
Thanks for the reply!

I am almost certain - that is quite a unique feature that is not likely to be common in stock marketplaces

If I take it a step back, surely there must be a theme or plugin where you could pay to post a public “SHOUT OUT” that would publically appear on the site… perhaps you know of something along the lines of that?

We could utilize any theme that LOOKS the part, but we are trying to avoid the client having to manually process information from a payment and updating that info manually.
Basically, any form of plugin or theme where a visitor could pay to interact, change, manipulate, content on the site is what I am looking for, hopefully, that may broaden my possibilities without having to hire a custom developer?

At the end you will spend so many hours to change code of that template or plugins and question is will you get what you want.
It is better to make from start by book and you will get what you want. But that needs some budget you cant except some custom made site for 400$.


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Yeah no I get it, that’s why I was hoping to find a particular theme.
There are SO MANY variations of eCommerce themes, from appointment booking to all sorts of products, and similar to how the booking themes interact with the public calendar after payment, I Was hoping to find something similar that interacts with the site. I’m surprised there isn’t a theme or plugin that can do this. But I just wanted to know before I let the client know the only option is to custom design it.

Themes are just a way to display your content.
What you’re looking for is a VERY custom work.
I’m not even sure WP would be best choise for what you want.
Hire a developer that will develop a plugin, and integrate it with a theme you want.
Or hire a developer that will developer whole website on a framework and you’ll be sure that it will never get slower and will not need tons of caching to move around (this is basically what WP is)

oh, so you’re adeveloper
why wouldn’t you create a plugin ? :slight_smile: everybody there wants to pay 15$ and have anything-they-want in just one click