WP Portfolio theme fully covered by tutorials. Where is it?

I had a bad experience buying a theme that claimed to be “well documented”.
But the reality showed it was not exactly like as advertised.
I have already a website built with WP, which I could complete thanks to full authors orientation via PDF tutorials, video and email support.
I have no code experience. I’m a photographer. I believe themes aimed to this public must have in mind that we are not tech wizards, with full knowledge in codes, CSS, HTML or else.
What I’m looking for specifically is a theme where every aspect of it is covered by some guide, like a software guide, as its supposed to be, right?
I wanted to find a minimalistic, well designed portfolio theme.

Please do not advertise your own theme just to get a sale. I would like to find something which the community would agree that is in fact a well docummented product.

Thank you all!

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