WP Plugin: Virtual Tour 360 Panorama

I downloaded the plugin “Wordpress Virtual Tour 360” via my “Envato Elements” subscription. But since the plugin has to be registered via an API token from “envato market”, it doesn’t work on Pro. So when the plugin is offered on “Elements”, I actually expect to get the Pro version?

Or am I seeing this wrong?
It feels like I bought a bike, but the dealer put a lock on it - which of course I have to pay for again.

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Hello @aformat

There is no purchase code available for items on Envato Elements. This applies only for the items listed on the main marketplaces such as CodeCanyon or ThemeForest (which are independently purchased).

Please note that features that can be unlocked via a purchase code are not available for items on Envato Elements. Therefore, if you want to use the Pro version, you will need to purchase a license from CodeCanyon.

For more information regarding this issue you can check out this article → Do I need a purchase code? – Envato Elements Help Center