WP plugin to add 'typing effect' to text


I’ve been searching for a plugin to add some text to Wordpress websites that animates as if you are typing, so the letters appear one after the other.

Does anyone know of such a plugin, or another way to add that functionality?

Thanks in advance, regards, Marc

Did you check Typed.js ?


Hi @cuteprince, I did try it out a while ago, but briefly, to be honset. At that moment it was a bit too complicated for me to get it to work like I wanted in my WP site. I’m sure that i would figure it out eventually, but I am looking for a plugin because I am really short on time at the moment. If I can’t find something easier, I guess I will have to roll up my sleeves and try again. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Metmarc

I have just converted that Typed JS to a plugin for a client job, it’s too simple to be released as a plugin on Codecanyon but happy to customise it to your needs, send me a message through my contact form if you would like to talk about this.

Update for other followers of this thread: Gareth is going to try to make his custom plugin more feature rich and available eventually (correct me if I’m wrong Gareth).

I’ll keep you posted when there’s news to share!

Hey :slight_smile: Any updates on this…? :slight_smile:

Sounds Good :slight_smile:

I created a wordpress plugin for this - PM me through my profile page if you are interested.

Hi, a quick update.

I haven’t been in touch with the developer, I did find an alternative however: http://codecanyon.net/item/animated-typewriter-effect-a-premium-wordpress-plugin/9917107

I works great for me (see it in action on several pages on my website (except my homepage) here: http://www.metmarc.nl