WP plugin that shows fake number of Tweets, Likes, etc.

There was a plugin like this posted on the Warrior Special Offer forums but I can’t dig it up now. :frowning: Basically, you have a settings page where, for example, you could choose to show a fake number of Tweets or Likes for a particular post. The idea behind this is that people will be more enticed to actually Tweet or share something on Social Networking sites when they see that dozens of other people have already done it.

This must include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

just use php rand and create your own, its easier than you might think.

<?php echo rand(5, 15); ?>

Made you a quick script here

Australia said

Made you a quick script here

LOL, yeah, that’s pretty much what I want.

But it would be nice if it’s a plugin though that integrates all that Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. fake stats to posts automatically. Also, it would be nice if the ‘Tweet’ button is clickable (like in your PHP script) and would actually Tweet a particular post (which is why I want a plugin). And one other thing - it would be nice to be able to set the number of fake Tweets, Likes, etc. so I can choose it to show a smaller number (like 22 Tweets or something like that instead of 3,365).

To make it clickable you wrap it in a href.

To add other social stuff, is just a case of doing different classes etc. To make as a plugin, no idea. But its all really really simple stuff. perhaps ask one of the wp plugin guys or wait patiently.

Good Luck

A nicer method would be to elect the start count then increment the count each time page is viewed by x

See more here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/865015/how-to-increment-a-counter-each-page-load-in-php

Fake number to cheat users to get more social share? That’s not ethical for me personally.

codenegar said

Fake number to cheat users to get more social share? That’s not ethical for me personally.

This plugin has pretty much the same effect - http://codecanyon.net/item/comment-sparker-seo-for-wordpress/5129013?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=jspicher

It creates fake comments to entice the readers to actually respond to posts or comments.

The plugin that I want strives to achieve something similar but in a different way - show fake social media stats to entice readers to actually share. I do agree with you, though… it is kinda “black hat”.