WP-Plugin NEX-Forms - LITE turns automatically to Fullversion

Hi there,

I downloaded NEX-Forms LITE - WordPress Form Builder Plugin

I worked with it - and then (I don’t know why!) it changes to “NEX-Forms - Ultimate”, it is not registered and it can not be registered.

What happened? Why does it change to the full version? I haven’t pay it. I am afraid of using it! :expressionless:
And I don’t want to pay for $39 it.
(Note: The full version is not available in envato elements.)

Looking forward for answers + thanx for helping. :cowboy_hat_face:


You shouldn’t need to register a plugin downloaded from Elements in order to unlock any functionality.

Currently, any WordPress plugin downloaded from Elements will need to be updated manually. If you check the item page, a changelog of any updates since the item was added to the Elements content library will be listed there.

Regarding the Envato Market plugin (and any similar update notification tools that require a purchase code) - as you won’t have an individual purchase code for your plugin, you won’t be able to use these.

There are a few different ways in which purchase codes are used in items: we’ve deemed some uses ok for Elements items (even though subscribers can’t use them) and some not. In general:

  • It’s not ok for a WordPress theme or plugin to require a purchase code to unlock any functionality: looks, special features etc.
  • It is ok for an item on Elements to use the Envato Market plugin or incorporate some sort of auto-update feature (for example, when these items are also sold on CodeCanyon or ThemeForest), even though these generally require a purchase code. While you won’t have a purchase code from Elements, you can still update these items manually.

Hope that helps!

Still any question open a Envato Elements help ticket they would like to help you.