WP plugin for large membership directory

I want to make a website for a group of people with a common like
not really a club
but i want to feature the membership
if i am lucky it will grow large eventually
so i want people to be able to find and see each member’s bio based on many filters
these filters the members can pick when looking to narrow down the other members they want to read about

most of the plug ins i have seen are not hitting the mark
the ones i come across are basic small directories of employee status etc.

if my members are in a fan base for example
they want to narrow it by
categories such as

also have a place to feature and or search based on several URL links related to those members
in case they want to know how many are on another site specifically such as patreon, linked in, youtube, and so on

also a list of social media links to their linked-in, wechat, or other apps and sites

I know there is no perfect plug-in likely
and that’s ok
there won’t be any need for plugins that collect money for bookings etc
but is there anything that WORKS that’s pretty good and can handle a very large number of members?
this site will focus on members and their life or bio’s

thanks in advance for any help or positive feedback