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I need a plugin to combine two posts. I got a plugin in your portal but i need some changes on that can anyone customize it.
My requirement is
I would like to combine two or more plugin. After combined the posts should be there like that only. But combined post be created like new post with the two post data


It is totally unclear what are you saying and what actually you want ?

Can you clarify what is your requirement properly.

I have to merge two WordPress posts. For that, I need a plugin
I found one plugin in you portal. And it is working fine, i need some customization that existing plugin

If you have that plugin then you can customize it as per your needs. If you don’t know WordPress plugin development then surely you have to hire a wp deeloper to this job for you.

Other wise no further way left to make it done.


From your company side is there in chance to make customization?

If you have a sensible budget (without investigation, it’s impossible to suggest how complicated merging plugins could be) then you can try www.studio.envato.com

If all you want to do is merge two posts - could you not copy/paste content from one to the other

I am ready to pay for that development charge. But i need to get this from your company side is it possible?

This is not just content pasting.
we need to play some db level

You can reach us by our profile. Thanks

From our profile page reach us.

I am in profile page how to approach from that page?

There is a form on right sidebar just below profile details. You can reach from that profile form.

Sorry i did’t get the form

This is our profile page and you will see a form in the right sidebar of this page. Thanks


What is procedure for this plugin development

Its coding way to add or modify your website by following WordPress standards. Here is more about it in official WordPress codex website https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/intro/


If i submit form when i will get response?

Just to be very clear (in no way being negative about @wp-themespro) - please be aware that any agreement between you and an author is beyond envato’s involvement so there will be no official guidelines, support or otherwise.

The only way to maintain envato involvement is to go via www.studio.envato.com