WP-menu plugin for menu on multiple positions

I know the BeTheme and there you can set the menu to many different positions and looks…like:

  • at the top
  • below a header area and the snapping to the top when starting to scroll
  • overlaying the whole screen
  • split menue one top left, one top right

…is there a separate WP-plugin which can all these things and with every Theme?
(Especially the second one “below header area and then snapping to the top” might be complicated…because different themes handle header areas differently.)

It may not be possible due to every theme has different menu structure. The plugin needs to overwrite the current settings but I don’t think It’d be possible “every” theme - there’d be issues need to be fixed manually

If you’re looking for support as like “modifications for the theme menu” you can let me know by the way. I could provide “paid” support if you’re interested in for any theme you’d like