WP Developer needed (info in body)

Running the Listify theme. Realise this probably isn’t the best theme for what I am now running, but things have changed somewhat. I have had a quote, but they are now on holiday until the 7th June and I’m ideally looking for this to be complete by then. One thing they have mentioned, is that the child theme doesn’t appear to have been set up properly, but, I have all the details of this that I can share in an email conversation.

The custom search type on listify is to search listings. Given that the nature of what I’m doing has now changed, but liking the design style of listify, I’d like it if I could have the search function altered to search products.

Very keen to talk with people, let them know what has been suggested and to see if they have any other solutions/better practices and to move ahead once a price has been agreed.

Feel free to email michael@backline.uk.com

Thanks. Very keen to get this moving asap.