WP Charity Theme Soft Rejected 8th times

Hi Guys,
We uploaded a WP theme on themeforest. But it has been Soft rejected 8th time.
This item already approved for Joomla & HTML version.

Please, Suggest to us about this theme.

Demo Link

We got the message every time,
Soft Rejected:
Sorry but your theme still does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

Typography mainly have to improve significantly to resend.

It is also necessary to improve the design.

further work can see Ăștimos tested in the category article to be clearer the standards of TF

Good luck

Looks too crowded to me. Try to add more whitespace and work on your typography, such as line height and thinner fonts.