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Hello, I got the message that I activated the licence already on 5 websites. But meanwhile I deleted 4 of them (experimental) but didn´t know that I have had to deactivate before deleting sites…So, now I can´t deactivate that 4 registrations within options! How can I get rid of those licence activations of websites which aren´t existing any longer? - best regards, Peter


Please contact your purchased plugin Author through Item Support page and let them know. your purchased Plugin Author will assist you.



I would like to contact the Plugin Author, but it isn’t possible! Message is, I would have not bought a licence, but I did! So, I am very annoyed about this damned and very bad Support! On Author`s Site I can only get support by FAQ, but no real Support, because I would not have purchased a licence! No licence, no real support!.. damned support! I will never, never buy something else at Envato…

Good bye


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