WP bakery builder is not working.


WP bakery builder is not working. it tells me that I need the license but I bought the theme Bridge, and it is supposed to come with the license.


You can use builder page king composer is very good and free download


who can I use, it tells me that I do not have the license


Yes have license approved themeforest sell.

A question:

Why do you want a license?


I bought the Bridge theme. I am building my web. But I need the WP bakery Builder (or something similar) to continue working.


Bundled plugins do not get licenses. You do not need a license to use the WP Bakery Page Builder, so you can ignore any such prompts. Of course this also means the plugin will not auto-update, it is the responsibility of the theme developer to help you with that.

More info here:



Or also you can support send a message author that sell this wp bakery builder but you need buy any license (regular or extended)