wp-automatic" has been deactivated, on wordpress

wp-automatic" has been deactivated, it interferes with site operation and is not supported on WordPress.com. this is what i get on my new website , what should i do ?

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Unlike any regular hosting, WordPress.com does not allow all kind of plugins. Among the long list of disallowed plugins,It does not allow auto-posting plugins like WordPress Automatic and anything similar. so you are not advised to even use their service and to switch to another normal provider for complete control over your package

You can check plugins that they disallow here Incompatible Plugins – WordPress.com Support

You can still install the plugin anyway for testing purposes using this trick as shown in this video

1- delete the already installed plugin

2- before uploading the installation file, extract it then rename the main plugin file named “wp-automatic.php” that exists in the main plugin folder then zip the folder and upload

you can rename it and add extra letters or choose another name like not-wp-automatic.php

If you tried that and can not still install the plugin, please provide WordPress dashboard login so we can set it up for you

while we recommend changing your hosting ASAP as updating the plugin may require repeating the same process again

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