WOW, we've just became a Power Elite Author!

Hey Envato Community,

It’s George and John from kreatura. We have just became a Power Elite Author on Envato Market, and Envato encouraged us to share our top 3 tips. :slight_smile: Our story started with LayerSlider and it’s still a major contributor to our success. To that end, we thought we would share the story behind us and LayerSlider with you.

Tip #1: Don’t give up, risks might have a big payoff
We built high-quality, custom-made websites before we discovered Envato Market. It was enough to make a living, but didn’t give us enough freedom to satisfy our creativity. Both of us loved to experiment with new web technologies in our free time and we had bigger dreams. We went through a rough time when we stumbled upon CodeCanyon and decided to give it a try, leaving our jobs behind. Most of our friends did not believe in our future on CodeCanyon. At certain times even we questioned ourselves, but we carried on, thus starting our awesome journey on CodeCanyon. Thank God we have made the right decision, as it’s the most amazing experience we’ve ever had. :slight_smile:

Tip #2: Get inspired, make something new
We started to work on LayerSlider at late 2011. Animations and interactive web content weren’t that common back then. You could see something cool occasionally, but the majority of websites were bare and static. There were nice slider plugins out there, but they mainly worked with static content. George came up with the idea to build an interactive slider with multiple layers of content, which can be animated independently from each other in a really cool way. Some exceptional sites inspired us, and we got on the parallax train before it became a trend.

Tip #3: Carry on with your vision
Guess what happened next? LayerSlider was hard-rejected after submission. :slight_smile: The reviewer said its features are too general, not offering new functionality compared to similar items. We felt differently, obviously, and explained why it’s unique in our eyes. Sure, the initial version had far fewer abilities than now, but we saw many unexploited opportunities for future updates. LayerSlider was accepted eventually, and it become an immediate success. We were so glad that people saw the potential in our work as well. Suddenly, everybody started to give us valuable advices on how to extend the capabilities of the plugin.

For us, LayerSlider showed the shape of things to come in this visually rich new web that we have today. While the parallax effect was certainly not our invention, however, to our knowledge we were the first to build a parallax slider and came up with the concept of independently animating layers in a product like this. Seeing how we inspired others and influenced similar works was the most exciting feeling and the most recognition we could receive.

The bottom line is: Look for things you would improve on. Come up with something new and demanding. Execute it well, don’t fear the obstacles, just stick to your plan. Good things will happen. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for supporting us in this whole time. It really means a lot to us. Envato, thanks again for this amazing experience.

PS: We’re working on something big again, see you soon! :wink:


Congarts George and John :slight_smile: and really nice tips :slight_smile:

Huge congrats from me! Well done!:rocket:

Congrats Kreatura team! Mind blowing achievement! Thanks for sharing your tips!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Congrats, guys! That’s a massive achievement! :tada:

Keep up the awesome work! :smile:

Fantastic achievement Congrats :smiley:

You guys are awesome! Congrats!



So many important lessons in this story. From the value of experimentation and originality to persevering through rejections and taking on the advice of your users!

PS- Authors take note!

Major congratulation George and John.

Congrats… This is my dream. I will try to achieve that with my 100% effort.

Awesome! Congrats, guys!

WOW!! Really its very great news that someone get as an author…Good Luck and best wishes for all others authors

Congrats ! Awesome job !

Congrats guys, great achievement!

Congrats! Great achievement!


A job well done! Congratulations buddies!

Great achievement and great story! Keep up!

Congratulations George and John! This is a great achievement…keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, awesome result! :smile: