Wow, my statement shows me the sales of another author!

As a looked at my statementer 5 minutes ago, it showed me the sales of another author, also his withdrawl. But the list of the sold items is mine. That’s strange. What should I do?

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Same problem here.I am richer :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. What a shame, Envato can never get anything done right.

I’m richer too. This is the statement of a top selling author. And who has my statement?

Same problem here as well.

I think this is not envato related. This problem is related with the Dashboard Plus extension for chrome

yeh I guess so…it might be an API issue or something ?

Could it be that the same error lead to hard rejecting songs that belonged to other author? Because just yesterday a song of mine was rejected and it was a very good production (beside the fact that I haven’t been rejected in a long time).
I’m not joking this is a serious question.

That’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination… that your item may have been rejected due to another authors earnings showing up in your statement.

What a shame! Envato, how about my privacy?
Possible reason: Problem with envato API

Can you send me a screenshot?

Here you go Dave . Happens here too.

Edit: you need it without the censors?

Hi guys,

here is the same, on both Dashboard+ and Envastats i have the information of another author

So it seems to be an API problem. I guess we’ll just wait as it’ll be fixed right away.

It’s interesting for sure. Staff are aware and a fix should be out asap.

Hey from the statement page (since I cannot re-produce the issue) can you please also try downloading the CSV statement (bottom of page) and see if the incorrect details are in there too?

Same here. My statement shows the sales of @aron66. Sorry, man. :wink:

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Oh, and when I clicked on August, I saw statement of another guy. That is really BIG issue!

It seems that the details are correct in the CSV statement.

Yep I’m seeing correct CSV statement information too. And I believe Dashboard+ uses the CSV statement, not the API. Other plugins like Envastats must use the API to collect data that is why they are seeing incorrect values.

Hi dtbaker,
I’ve downloaded the csv and it looks correct, but Dashboard+ shows me data of another author, same as Envastats.