WOW - Check this out

Save your hard earned earnings and get this - this is essential:

Who needs Ozone now.


Great tip, Graham. I’m amazed at the incredible lengths they went to in order to emulate this essential piece of studio gear. This has completely changed my mastering process and encouraged me to invest in the best studio monitors I can afford.

Zero latency and no artefacts. And does not even cost one dollar :wink: my dollar not purchase.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks Graham, I’m really impressed, it’s a must have for every DAW composer.

Awesome ! Thank you !

I don’t think it meets with the quality standards I have for plug-ins, moving forward. But thanks anyway.

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I’m gonna pass until they properly model the different fixing screws available - I always prefer the sound of slotted screws over hex heads or Phillips. Maybe version 2?