Would you tell me why this was rejected?

I had simple forum rating star designed and submitted in SVG, EPS and PDF format also included png image files in three sizes for all.
I could not get the quality of my design may be something I am not getting …
If you could help me in this…
Preview of all images and three sample images are here…


Looks like too generic. That might be the reason.

This is only reason you think… nothing for quality…?

You should sell things that can’t find easily on google :smiley:

Why you think this is so special? It’s just a simple star… Basic shape.
I see a ready shape with a gradient colors.

I can open illustrator or photoshop and when i select a shape object i have the same star, am i wrong?
When you want to design something for stock, think first as buyer.

Reason 1 of reject: Basic shape.
Reason 2 of reject: Same or very similar shape with other items on graphicriver.
There a lot rating stars on graphicriver, so make your own best version.

My opinion: Change your star to some special design, not too basic.
And believe me this kind of graphics you can find EASILY on google.

Good luck! ; -)


I agree with @odiusfly. Make some thing that sells itself. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you all, this helped me a lot to understand what envato is for…and also I got there is no file format, preview and presentation file file missing …again thank you all…