Would you review my compositon?

I composed a melody for Audiojungle.

Is this composition proper for Audiojungle? Do you like the melody?
Does the audio have any technical problem, like sound level or mastering related issues?

Thank you.

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About the sound: to me the piano sound is to wet, to much reverb.

Concerning the composition, this track sounds to random. There is no singable or memorable melodies and the harmony sounds completely random. Try to make a simpler melody you are able to sing or whistle and then try to harmonize it with chords in the left hand.
I’m afraid this track has no chance of getting accepted.
Good luck with the composing and continue to post here to get feedback and I’m sure you’ll progress :slight_smile:

I agree with @Hyperprod here, what I can add is maybe try a shorter piece if you are thinking about solo piano.

Thanks for the answers. That was the reason I asked if the melody is suitable for this platform.
It seems I need to work minimal and care more about the harmony, thank you.

Also, reverb issue is my weakest point. This track - for example - seems very normal to me. This might be related with the plugins I use.

I agree music is not what tells not just random motion.

Is to complicated for any videohiver a think. Here is one gold rule, or tendencies, simple always win.

This is not a good composition. The piano just seems to stop and start, almost like this was music written by a computer or artificial intelligence with no musical appreciation. The reverb is also absurbly dominant, get rid of that reverb!

I don’t suggest you try and work anymore on this composition. You’d be better off deleting it and trying to write something new.