Would you reject this....

is this to much or not enough, all work is done by myself and all text is editable. so critique would be appreciated.

The color selection is very nice. I think there’s a bit of overuse of lens flare and related effects; it detracts from the core statement made by your imagery. Example is the larger flare to the left and below her elbow. My eye goes right for it. And the flares have a horizontal blurring that draws a good deal of geometric focus away from your illustration’s lines. Clear that out and good luck with your art.

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thank you so much for your feedback, i total agree with you, only reason i added them is envato dose’nt seem to like white space and have had items rejected because of it.


Yep, nice design, but l would reject it, the hands on the female is too suggestive, and there is too much glare on the lettering, (remove the yellow glare, and it would be better).


yes u are right sometimes buttering here is better than leaving some space, which is quite difficult to understand … most of the time that’s easier to have good items with a bit free space rather than a dirty soup of badly composed elements as we see sometimes here …

that maybe a point Shane but is anyone shocked by this in a period in which most famous female singers spend more time showing it all rather than singing? i really don’t think so …

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hi , this is not bad, what i am personally wandering is what is included and what’s not? because try to imagine , this design is much depending on the picture that u are using (unless this is all some elements that u inidivudally composed?!) and what if people buy and that’s not included, it will look pretty empty and, in addition, the result maybe really potentially not that good if some one introduces a “normal” type off picture

all items are included and editable, and all elements are created by myself, i did think about making it have the ability to host the users own images as well what do you thinkimage

also thank you for your comments much appreciated

if so, this is impressive indeed and i am wandering why it got binned indeed … on the other hand, sometimes this is hard to follow why some items are rejected when some really not impressive ones manage to make it without we identify how, too …

It never got binned, I have’nt uploaded it yet, was just looking for feedback before i upload it… the feedback i have got has helped alot, and am know editing it so that the user can use there own models as well

sorry i did not get it, i have a better understanding now … it looked strange to have this binned indeed … but i don’t know why u just did not upload your item in the first place and simply see if it were ok / approved

typography seems to be a bit confusing

really, whats confusing you

The hierarchy of the typography isn’t very good, so your eye doesn’t really know where to look. It’s not laid out very well so it just looks a bit confusing and muddled. Make sure it looks clear and communicates effectively.