Would this pass review

Would this design pass review?

Logo and description text at bottom are not included in final file (Only used for preview purposes)

The same problems as in previous item. Try to explore the market and compare already accepted items with yours.

Once again thanks for the reply. I looked around GR in the flyers category, and saw some very “plain” stuff being approved, whereas as you mentioned, my stuff is too plain for GR which I can understand as I am not a professional designer, but a self taught designer working for a design company.

If you don’t mind, can you also look at this (My submission got rejected and was wondering why) and tell me if it’s the same issue? Thanks for your feedback

I’m guessing this will also be rejected for the same reason.

I didn’t say that it’s “plain”. “plain” doesn’t always mean “bad”. I say there are too many issues in your works.
The market started as a “self-taught designer.” But the market has grown a long time, and now professionals are on the stage. If you want to be a professional designer, you can, at least, start self-study with online resources. There are many sites that tell the basic design rules, on the Internet.


1- logo
first of all, the logo is not working at all … this does not look good and this is too detailed, it ruins the preview rather than the other thing , when the other way around is expected …

2- central slogan / readability and hierarchy
the central slogan was given a central place and thus must be considered as a “central piece of information” but this is not treated as such graphically … it is almost impossible to read , clearly not outstanding enough then … and useless like this …

3- typo
the typo is too flat , lacking combinations and variations so that this is creating a real hierarchy , this is readable and attractive and push people into reading

4- global style / marketability
think about it , u have texts here and then, no particular graphic effort , why would people buy this rather than redoing on their own and save money … in a short while if they can use photoshop they can redo the same , which means that u have to push the envelope graphic design wise

5- spacing mistakes
some texts are given unequal space indeed

6- vignettes
this is really too basic all the way this side, find a way to introduce originality and graphic work

7- footer
the information is given very little space and is small and lost in the sideway when the quote thing is “eating” all the space … f the quote thing is so very important , then this is misplaced, otherwise , if not, then there should be more balanced space between information and free quote …

8- colors
not attractive to be honest and also not matching at all with the activity …