Would this be approved on audiojungle?

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I think this track suits the needs of audiojungle. Maybe a little bit of overall compression / limiting is missing in the sound to add energy. Good luck.



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To me the kick lack sub (it would gain in power with more sub). For now it sounds a bit tiny and sharp. Saturation on it could help to make it denser. Be cautious to use the right one and not overdo it. The strings sound a bit too muffled. Strings and brass could sound a bit less dry with a bit of short tail reverb. Use brickwall limiting at the end to make the mix loud enough. If you have to limit more than about 2-3 dbs on occasionnal peaks you should go back in the mix to make your sound more dense an less peaky with compression, saturation, limiting (individual track). The way to make it loud and clean is in the mix. Overall it could sounds cleaner, denser, louder, more 3D.

The track is catchy! Great structure and arrangement. It just needs a more polish mix and master.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback : )