Would this be approved on aj?

Unfortunately this months I’ve only 2 items to upload so very cautious before posting this:

In answer to your question, “Would this be approved on aj”, in my opinion I would say no although I am not a reviewer. Reasons for why I would say no are:

Mix - high instruments should sound bright, lows (sub bass) biases the mix so I found difficult to listen to although it probably is me but I do not think it is ‘radio friendly’ since a lot of buyers use consumer equipment.
Edits - badly executed and composition is truncated on ends - could be what you have uploaded to soundcloud but it really shows not paying attention to detail.

Christmas tracks should be bright to attract buyer’s attention - like I said I am not a reviewer so what do I know.

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Hello, I wrote this Christmas track. How do you think it can be accepted? is it worth sending it?

A bit late, but here are my 2 cents: Work on it a bit more before sending it.

The composition itself sounds pretty nice, but the mixing feels incomplete. The lows are too loud and the highs are too quiet, so if you listen to this without good headphones (which will be the case for most buyers), the whole track will sound very muted and quiet. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake before…

I would also change the end of the edits, they feel a bit abrupt, like the music is supposed to keep going but just stops. But that part is more personal taste anyway, and I don’t think it would impact your chances of approval very much.
But then again, I’m not a reviewr either, that’s just what I think. Good luck either way

IMHO I think it would be rejected:

Bad mix
Sounds distorted (to my ears)
Percussion pattern sounds odd

I am not a reviewer so I may be wrong with my assessment of your track.

Спасибо, за мнение.