Would someone be enough cool to help me with my indiegogo campaign? :)

After a 4 wonderful years, here on Envato, I feel free to ask for a little help from you guys :slight_smile:
Recently I started a campaign via Indiegogo where Im trying to raise some funds for recording my bandโ€™s new album :slight_smile:
We already have 3 albums, but it was mostly recorded at home with sticks and ropes :smiley: . This time I want to take it to another level and record it in real music studio :slight_smile:
We offered some cool gifts for donors, so if you donate some dollar more, you could get some of our merchandise ( Tshirts, Cdโ€™s, Posters)โ€ฆ
Anyway, here is the link to a campaign:

Cheers brothers and sisters! :slight_smile:

I hope this thread is not against the rules