Would love your feedback on this hard reject (Country Acoustic Instrumental)

Hello all,

Would appreciate some thoughts and critiques on the song below. It was hard rejected with the standard “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.” Thanks! Art


Now this is a real head-scratcher. Art, this is GREAT. I love your composition…really solid. Production is nice and clean too, IMO.

Sorry this got rejected. Hope you find a home for the track!

Better luck next time,


I’m also a bit confused as to why this was hard (not soft) rejected. The live guitar and fiddle sound great, and the melody develops nicely.

That said:

  • The drums are pretty static and mechanical-sounding; you should try switching them out with better samples with more variation and / or loops.
  • The piano melody is sort of buried in the mix and MIDI-sounding.
  • There’s some dissonance between the bass and other instruments at :58 that’s a bit distracting.

If you rework and upgrade those areas significantly, i think you could safely upload it again. Also - make sure you choose the correct category for it. Certain categories seem to be stricter and more competitive, so you probably want to go with a less crowded one like Country Western, Folk Acoustic or Light Rock.

Good luck!

I’ll have to agree with InspiringSound here. It’s a wonderful composition and a pleasure to listen to. I think the volume of the piano is fine, and I don’t feel there’s any distracting dissonance (certainly not enough to warrant a hard rejection), but there is one thing that stands out, and it’s the drum kit.

The drums sound quite bright, sharp and mechanic in contrast to the soft, smooth feel of the track. Consider using some softer samples, or even just some light percussion like shakers, etc.

The electric guitar sounds great, as is the fiddle / violin. Is the acoustic guitar live or from a sample library? It sits well in the track, though strums don’t sound entirely realistic to me.

The mix sounds fine to me, though the drums are what mainly let the track down. They sound like strong, high-velocity hits made to sound quiet, which doesn’t sound right. What would be better is to use some low-velocity, softer hits and make them loud enough to fit the volume of the rest of the track.

I would definitely keep working on this track as it has a lot of selling potential; once the drums are in check and everything is balanced out, upload the new version.

Best of luck


Thank you to each one of you for the good insights. I have reworked the drums, changed the piano sample and tweaked some other things (for example, to clean up the acoustic strums, I quantized with a -63-tick offset (960 ticks to the quarter note)). FYI: acoustic guitar - Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar, lead guitar - Indiginus Renegade, violin - Virharmonic Bohemian Violin.

Thank you for helping me hear areas that could be improved.


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Definite improvement, drums could still be louder and sport a nice reverb IMO.

Yes, it’s an improvement. Though I still feel the drums sound a bit ‘plasticky’ in the context of the rest of the track. Maybe add some compression, boost some of the lower end (lower mids and bass) and perhaps introduce some reverb.