Would appreciate feedback on rejected songs

Hi there, been rejected obviously and don´t know why. I would really be grateful for feedback! (songs are all short)






Thanks in advance!

Hey there. I think they all sound cool, nothing wrong with the playing/composition side of things. I’ve just found that AJ is looking for a pretty specific type of production aesthetic and anytime you venture outside of that as you’ve done with the big spacey reverbs and a more vintage sound, you’re risking rejection IMO. Basically it boils down to how “commerical” it is, whatever that really means!

Hey, thanks very much. You got me out of misery a bit. I thought i knew a few things about music, doing it for the last 20+ years (Although mostly electronic). Although until today i´m never sure with the mixing. You´re songs (Just 2?) are cool ! and they do sound “more round” than mine. Anyways, thanks again!, gotta keep going on trying i guess.

no worries! yeah the mixing was the part that stumped me for a long time. i’ve been playing around 20 years as well but just got into recording and self-producing around 2.5 - 3 years ago. I had quite a few rejections here before i finally got a couple accepted (just in the past month or so), got another in review queue now and finished tracking one last night so hopefully they’ll make the cut as well :slight_smile:

I see. Thanks again, keep up the good music and good luck!! :slight_smile: