Would appreciate any feedback on this track before submitting.

This will be my first submission to AudioJungle and would be grateful for any feedback on this track. Would like to work out all the bugs before making that move just in case there’s any quality issues…thanks in advance!


I like it. The only thing I would do is a quieter hi-hat and a noise hat. And I would add some reverb to the hi-hat. He’s too ahead. It takes too much attention.

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Awesome, thanks for your response! Never thought to put reverb on the hi-hat, but definitely thought it was a bit out front.

Yeah the whole thing is mixed quite well with the exception of the high hats. If it were me I would drop the main hat sounds in volume (both the open and closed hat). Then put some reverb and maybe some subtle 16th note delay on it. It needs to fit in the background of the mix not stand on top of it. I’m also not a huge fan of your snare, its fundamental is too heavy in my opinion and a lighter snare or clap/snap would work better for this kind of track. Finally if it were me I would add some shaker, tambourine in the second section to add to the rhythm a little.

All of this is optional of course, the track is already solid and might get accepted as is. I’m new so I don’t have that much experience with what gets accepted but if I heard this in the marketplace I wouldn’t think twice.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I totally agree with the hi-hats being too out front, and will definitely do something with them. I was looking for a thicker snare with more body because I wanted a hint of 80’s in the mix and thought it would work well with the feel of this song, but I’ll take your advice and experiment for sure.