Worth uploading?

What do you think. Is this track worth uploading?
First is with some fx and secound without.

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it sounds unmixed. Transitions are standing up too much. Perc sounds really bad (too muddy).
Composition is monotonous. Bridge (1:00) is really harsh to my ears.

I think it will be 100% rejected.

Idea is really great, but production…

Really? I think I became deaf. There’s no bridge at 1:00. Percussion can’t be muddy.
Still appreciate you replying though.

Hi-hats, hat, cymbalic do not lie in the mix. They are not very pleasant to the ear.
My advice, banal but, уou need to work more in the mix(equalization, panning, effects processing, etc), and listen to more tracks of top authors in these categories.
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

Hi ! As the other authors says there is a big mix issue, your high frequency and your hat are very harsh ! I think the composition is too experimental to fit with the Audio Jungle market (especially the hat and drums sound) !
The think that I like is your harmony choice ! It make me think about a little to “Disclosure -You and me (flume remix)”
So good luck ! Maybe try to find something more easier, with a clearer structure (I found it was a little be difficult to have a focus listen), more commercial and maybe try to add some more harmonic and melodic elements ! IT’s a little bit empty to me ! But it’s just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

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Overall great quality of sound, I would suggest some tweaks:

  1. Add a pad underneath or atmosphere of some kind to glue it together.
  2. Reduce the attack on the strings maybe 5%
  3. Work on the hi-hat EQ, very crispy sounding, and the pan-shift thing is pretty painful.
  4. The farting synth break/transition doesn’t match and sounds a bit sloppy.
  5. Add an additional element, maybe an arp or a counter-melody, when the main theme is repeated. The secondary hi-hats you added are very nice here BTW.
  6. Fill in the second break/transition with something.

Even so, there’s some really nice stuff in there so you’re not too far off. Good luck!

  • Nate
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Thanks @Osynthw and @iwritemusic ! I can work with your constructive feedback. I overmastered the High EQ’s I think in an attempt to push the sound/db’s. Because of the maybe to experimental choices I put my question here. I will work some more on this piece when I have time. Thanks!

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I like the composition, great! The strings and the piano sound perfect for me, the drums need some edit, like the other authors suggested. I prefere the second version, without the fx! Best wishes! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Roberto !

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@iwritemusic @Osynthw @Floberaudio @Ksarex @WIDE-VIEW
How are the tracks now?
I added a marimba, made the hats less crisp and improved the mix and master.

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Hi ! The music is still interesting ! I like the harmony as last time ! I think the mix is better, but there is stil some crips on the hit-hat sound at 39 sec to 50 sec for example ! This is the main “issue” for me !
But for the rest I think it’s okay :slight_smile: Interesting track ! I’m not sure it will be approved in EDM & Dance category, I mean I think you should try maybe in "Experimental " or maybe Ambient ? I’m not sure about it ! This track make me think about some TV advertising, etc , I can see some commercial potential for TV or some stuff like that ! SO just try to fix all these crips sound and let it go :slight_smile:

It’s not always useful to spend to much time on correction , improvement, the vibes is here, but I suggest you to just work on a crisp sound and move to another track !

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi Humming,
I like your composition, piano and strings are ok! But I agree with @Osynthw, there are still too many high frequencies in the hats in these intervals: 0.40-0.49, 0.59-1.08, 1.11-1.30. For my taste, the hats in these sections sound very ‘edgy’.
I don’t like very much the fx that you use in the ending starting at 1.29 (first version)… If you don’t want change the ending fx, you could change the order of the versions, swap the first with the second, I think it could be better! Good luck! :slight_smile:

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@Osynthw and @Floberaudio thanks for the positive comments. I think I will turn the high frequencies some more down on the hats etc… It’s my taste for clear sound I think that got in the way :slight_smile:
The EDM was just a category I had to pick in SC. I’m not sure about the category also…
@Floberaudio You mean swapping the two versions so that the second one is the main version? No problem :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s better the second version as main, but it’s only my opinion, I have some doubt about the final effect of the first current version, then I think you’re more chance of approval with swapping the two version! :wink:

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This is the final version: https://soundcloud.com/aasmusicworks/drop-and-flow-improved-version

Hey, I am keeping my earlier opinion, the mix is ​​empty lacking mid freq, the composition itself is not “mainstream” anymore (maybe in 2011 you could sell it and consider it fashionable), but taking into account current standards, it does not meet the technical requirements + used transitions sounds do not fit in correctly with whole instrumentation.

I would not polished such a single piece (for huge amonut of time) because you are wasting only your energy. If basic sketch not sounds right than full track will never sound good.

as I always say, it is risky to create compositions with a small orchestration (small string ensembles) using sample libraries

@WIDE-VIEW you’re talking rubbish. You didn’t say anything like this before, so I think you’re talking about some other track. Why do you comment like this? Nobody else does.

This is from my last comment, again idea was great but you need to hire some session musicians to get some proper sounding, thats all

Really nonsense
And you didn’t even listen to it, because I saw no playcount.