Worrying codecanyon.net stats



Search visits have went down by 6.00%, you guys think this is normal? I definitely think this will and has already affected sales.


I don’t think Alexa is really all that actually since it relies on browser extensions to get data. Google analytics would be a better place to look


But envato will not release the analytics data though.


Elite authors have access to analytics data for their items


Even if those results are accurate, it may be down by 6% over the past three months, but it also looks like it’s about 25% up over the past 12 months. That’s pretty good! There’s always going to be ups and downs, seasonal variations etc. A slight decrease over three months isn’t too much to worry about.

It’s Christmas soon anyway, everyone will soon be flocking to buy plugins and Wordpress themes for friends and loved ones. They are the gift that keeps on giving.