Worldwide Author Conference 2019

Hi all!

I just wanted to make sure you’ve all seen the new Worldwide Author Conference. You can see the full details here:

Love to see some of you there!

This started three years ago as EuroTour, and it has been growing each year. We understand that we’re not covering the whole world just yet, but we’re planning on visiting even more places next year :slight_smile:


I I’ve been following this from South America, but this time I’ll be in Europe so I will def be there! Still have to choose between Amsterdam and Berlin. By choose I mean where is cheaper :wink:


Both great cities! Glad you can make it :slight_smile:

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Cheaper in Kyiv :slight_smile:


Thanks man, I will put it in my list!


What dress code for this meetup?)

Hey @Avirtum,

Our team will be wearing jeans, t-shirts and shoes, so something similar to that would be fine :slight_smile:


Shoes? I’m out.



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:joy: yes we were joking about whether or not to add the shoes or not

@steve_lam Tell me please, I would like to attend the conference with my two employees. But the author in Envato is just me. Is it possible? My manager and copywriter would also like to be there :wink: Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @themefire,

Sure this is fine, just make sure to register for both of them :slight_smile:

I would like to be, but too far away from home and too expensive, unfortunatelly. :frowning:

Hi all, as part of last year’s EuroTour we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the authors who attended. I’ve been working on a video series, Author Stories, and we’ve just released the first episode of three. This one focuses on the theme of ‘Starting Out at Envato’ which you can take a look at here.


We look forward to talking to some of you at Worldwide this year!

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Hoping a meet up could happen here in the Philippines soon.

You can check out our 2nd part of the Author Stories series here now! This one is a favourite of mine, as it’s all about community :slight_smile:


We’re getting so close now! We hope you’re excited as we are :slight_smile: We have a final Author Stories video to share with you today, and this one is all about inspiration.