World Photography Day + Tips

In honor of World Photography Day: Top tips for photographers

August 19 was World Photography Day, and to celebrate we’ve put together an article full of all our best tips for the photographers in our community.

Check it out to see tips and advice on:

  • Choosing the Right Camera
  • Using the Right Lens
  • Understanding Memory Cards, Tripods & Accessories
  • Nailing your Lighting
  • Using Pro Photo Editing Programs, Apps & Software
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Growing Your Social Media Presence
  • & much more!

And if you’re looking for ideas on what to create next, consider incorporating some of these trends into your next shoot!


A nifty/thrifty 50mm 1.8 is also a great starter lens. Unexpensive but a work horse for portrait work when you’re just starting out :smiley:


World Photography Day is, appropriately, also my birthday! :smiley:


Happy birthday for last week then, @MargJohnsonVA! :partying_face:

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That’s seems aptly appropriate :joy:

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