Working on my website locally with a purchased theme

Hello, I am a beginner to WordPress website development and I have a question regarding theme activation. I’m planning on purchasing a theme from Themeforest and using it on a WordPress website that I’m creating for a client (general static website). However, I don’t have access to their domain and their hosters yet, so I’m planning on creating hosting the website locally and developing it until the I get access to their domain and then upload the locally created website there. I’m wondering how this affects when using the purchased theme.

I haven’t purchased the theme yet, so I don’t know how the activation exactly works, but to my knowledge the theme asks to be activated when you install it through the dashboard. So if I installed it and activated it while developing it locally, will the activation be disabled once I host in on the proper domain? What is the proper method for developing locally with a paid theme?

Hi @damonazrael,

theme license is unique. so, you will not be able to use the license (purchasecode) in more than one time. So, after completing the project in your own test domain/localhost you can migrate the work in your client domain. if after migration into your client domain(production website) theme ask to register the theme license then you must have to deregister the theme license from your test domain then you will be able to use the license (purchasecode) for your client domain(production website). If need any help then have to contact theme author.