Working on my first project - need opinion

My first project (still working on it)- need opinion.
I working on my first HTML project - below what is look like for now. What do You think about this ? Is this good direction ?


It looks nice. But it also looks the same as many other themes on TF. So i think you have do to add something extra, something that is a little more unique

thanks for your opinion - i agree with that, i’m still working… :slight_smile: but i must to know that direction is good or no

It’s nice, there are a few things wrong to me like those big social icons and spaces between sections and elsewhere… no footer ! maybe a small problem with typography…
But in general you are going the right direction, just complete your design submit it and comeback here after getting hard rejected and the guys will then help you better, but now the way you are doing things, some of it is wrong and you can learn only by getting hard rejections
That’s how I learn now
Good luck

thanks very much! You say spaces between sections - they are to small or to big ?

Nice Start bt give some more breathing space to all sections text, images top bottom etc

I mean small, try uploading your design at so you’ll get better review

Here you are

It’s so small :frowning:

full size

You certainly are in the right direction. I can’t seem to find any faults - just perhaps it’s somewhat similar to most newly released themes out there. Good luck. Add something unique to make it stand out and your acceptance should be guaranteed :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!
@mamak24 - your review is very helpfull - thanks very much!

Wordpress templates all seem to just blend into one for me these days. I guess that’s a good thing in a way, as if a theme does stand out for me, then that’s usually because it’s bad, which yours isn’t!

I like the gold trim though, looks good. If you took every single theme on the site and compared yours, then I think it would definitely be in the top half when it comes to level of quality. I’m no web-wizard though… that’s just coming from a ‘website visitor’ kind of opinion.

‘Purchace’ should be ‘Purchase’ though. And it should be ‘support’, ‘multipurpose’, ‘coffee’, ‘stay in touch’, lines of code’. Sorry for being pedantic if it was already in the plan to fix those, but thought I’d share… just in case.

Nice work!

@yantramstudio please open new topic - it’s will be better for Me and You :grinning: