Working on a project using imapper need new feature

Hi, I’m working on a new website an started using iMapper wordpress plugin. There is a new feature that would be FANTASTIC for me and probably not a great deal of work for Envato. I would like to be able to add a picture popup in addition to the pin content to achieve something like the following effect. See the exploded watch with selectable sections by scrolling down on the following site:

Could we add that feature in the next release?

envato don’t make the files here - authors do.

If you have a suggestion or request you need to ask the author of the file directly

I have been looking left and right… Where do I need to put up that request?

Send the author a message or use item comments

Bear in mind that customization is outside scope of support and there is no obligation for the author to add any new features so you may be better looking at hiring a freelancer