Work in progress - Continue or Quit



Hi all !

I have started a small project to see how it would look… and wanted to get any observations on the project. Now I know that the typography is terrible and the spacing is atrocious :smile: but what I am looking for is observations on the intent the concept… Is it stupid :slight_smile: or worthwhile putting the effort in to complete and make it look pretty. I was trying to come up with something new based on an old idea :)… So please have at it and tell me what you think… I appreciate it…


go unique or go home


Hi my observation,
you can try making things unique but it shud also be user friendly and familiar. think of end user how he will feel on opening that website, can he understand everything and navigate easily at a glance maybe within the first 3 to 4 secs of visiting the website.
otherwise concept is unique