Words of criticism to help


Could I ask for quick words of criticism about this item. (arrangement, sound, composition).

There are 3 versions of the basic track here

I would try raising the tempo quite a lot and see how it feels, to my ears its way to slow now. Also I would consider a more steady subtle 4 on the floor drum beat, less busy and less snare (maybe no snare). Listen to similiar tracks on AJ and study the tempo and drum arrangement there. Just my 2 cents!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Have you noticed any errors in the mix, in sound quality?

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I think the drums are sticking out in the mix, other than that I don´t hear anything bad mixwise, maybe you could try making more dynamic velocity on the strings. Or maybe switch to another sound instead of strings. Its hard to say before you experiment with more tempo. What works in this bpm might not work in a higher bpm etc. I´m sure some other authors who have more experience with corporate music can give you further advise on the composition :slight_smile:

Thank you, if I can know what vst percussion you use for your tracks?(I am talking about acoustic and corporate tracks), I’ve recently started to test some libraries

I normally use Smack Vst from bigfishaudio for percussion, but also percussion samples from Logic Pro X. I also use the drummer in Logic X Pro alot lately. Very easy and fun to use.

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