Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin fraud

I have noticed a couple of plugin authors who are selling plugins claiming to work with WooCommerce and shop builder/storefront designer. They’re mentioning that their plugins do work with page builders like Visual Composer, WPBackery etc., but they’re not clearly telling that owning a pro licence of these page builders is a prerequisite to use their plugins at all.


For me this is some sort of fraud and Envato should require all authors to clearly identify prerequisites to use certain assets.

In the interest of clarity - not sure it’s quite that simple…

What do you mean by “pro versions”? Presumably you mean full copies and not bundled ones?

  1. these are items which are 5-7 years old and have mixed claimed compatibility

  2. they are not the best rated which does raise questions

  3. most importantly though - these are “addons” and advertised as such.

This categorisation does (at least in part) remove the need for them to spell out compatibility in detail as the entire point of an addon is being an extension of the main plugin.

I think that while you are right that to an extent - they could be more explicit, you are referencing bad examples that do not reflect the wider choice, and even then what they are doing is not really “fraud” or intentionally misleading people

They were last updated in 2020, so one should expect to work with recent WooCommerce plugins.

These plugins require a page builder plugin but it this is not cleary mentioned as a prerequiste. Check the other reviews, I am not the only one with misguided expectations in these cases.

One is for WP Bakery only and other support default editor. It’s been stated on the item page.


Class Editor of WordPress

The WordPress plugin works perfectly with both Visual Composer and WordPress Classic Editor