Wordpress/Woocommerce Plugin Dilema

I purchased an awesome plugin here, but I have some issues with it and there seems to be a language barrier with the author. :confused: I’ve been to their support forums which aren’t very active and after posting about a particular issue I’m having, another user replied and said they had reported the same issue, but they also think the language barrier is keeping the author from understanding and fixing it. So I submitted a ticket and was given a link to documentation which doesn’t even apply to the issue. :persevere:

The second dilema is that I needed a particular feature and was willing to pay for custom coding. The author said to send an email, so I did. Their response was that it can’t be done. So I asked on some other coding forums, and also found some examples of it to be sure I wasn’t losing my mind and of course it can be done.

So I went into the code to see if I could play with it a bit, but (as so many have already mentioned in the product comments) the code is poorly organized. The author sells “add-ons” as well on the products website and offers an API to make your own add-ons. But when I try to make an add-on, I cannot install it because the plugin requires a purchase key for each add-on. So I asked the author about that as well. No response.

I honestly believe it’s a wonderful plugin regardless of the infrastructure. But progress is limited due to language barriers. I’d love to pay someone else to help me, but the author does not understand and the plugin is locked down by purchase codes and license codes. Aside from editing what is running on my server, what other options are there?

I can have someone edit the current plugin and add-ons, but when it is updated, that will leave me in a bind. :frowning:

I’m so frustrated.