Wordpress website help.


Hello guys. I want to make a website that will have 2 main pages. On the first one there will be a Google Map and I want to let the registered users to be able to add locations on the map that everyone will see. The second page I want to be a trade page let’s say. User A will post a trade: he/she will select one of the predefined photos of his/hers item “x”, a number regarding the item, 2 more details of the item with a number reffering to them and another predefined photo with the item they are looking for(“y”). I want the users to be able to send messagges between them. Can you give me some advice regarding a theme and the methods I should use? Thanks!


I don’t fully understand the second part but this sounds like a custom build would be needed.

You might be able to get round some of it using a “listings” theme but given how much modification you would need to make to it, it would be easier to start a fresh with a custom built solution.