Wordpress vs. HTML

Hi there,

I’m an amateur at using Wordpress Templates and purchased many from this site and built a few sites with them too.

I’ve always used wordpress but wanted to know is it better to use a wordpress theme such as Divi or better to use something like Stack in the HTML sites here on Themeforest.

I am asking because I want the new site to load and work fast, be smooth and sleek which tends to only be on the HTML sites - I think!

Also once you have the HTML site if there’s any people here that can then develop and build the site for me that would be great.

All comments appreciated.

It depends on your priorities.

HTML will always be faster because it’s not a CMS and for what it’s worth @medium_rare1 are an exceptionally talented author also. The Variant builder is light years ahead of most page builders (we own several of their files and they get better each time).

Divi is a clever theme and deserves a lot of the credit that it gets. It will be easier to edit, update, blog etc. as a WP theme so you need to consider how important self-editing and things like blogging maybe to you.

Worth a mention is the WP version of Stack by @tommusrhodus (another outstanding author). They’ve have managed to replicate the Variant builder although also offer Visual Composer all at a fraction of the cost of Divi

Lastly don’t forget that there is a lot more to achieving page speed than just the template or theme. Again HTML will always be faster but if you choose WP then you need to consider a decent hosting setup too to give yourself the best output

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Thanks for this Charlie I really appreciate it. Thanks for also tagging in the relevant folks for help.

When it comes to hosting I have a regular go daddy hosting account which hosts around 5 sites I think it can go up to 25.

Are there better and faster hosting services out there and what are they? If this is not something you know then no problem but if you do would be great to get your valuable input.

GoDaddy gets a lot of stick - in my experience having used several of the big shared options like HostGator, GoDaddy etc. then they all seem more or less the same.

Assuming you don’t want to invest in dedicated hosting (much more expensive), then there are other options like WP Engine (popular with several authors here) for example who are a great solution. These will be more than a GoDaddy shared hosting but in all honesty you get what you pay for when it comes to hosting packages.

Just pick a provider with SSD storages and enough memory (RAM). And it’s recommended to use a caching plugin for WordPress to eliminate loading times :slight_smile: https://codecanyon.net/item/borlabs-cache-wordpress-caching-plugin/20194541 (we made this)