WordPress Updates Salient Theme

We are running version 4.9 of the ThemeNectar Salient. It is being hosted on GoDaddy’s Wordpress hosting plan. Each time GoDaddy updates WordPress, the site breaks and is not viewable until I restore the previous days backup, then it is up and running again.

Last night, GoDaddy updated WordPress to version 4.5.3. The site is still working properly from a visitors standpoint, but if I go in to edit a page, Visual Composer just says “Loading, please wait…”

Is there an update to the Salient theme and how can I obtain a copy of it? Or is there something else to fix this problem?


You need to update salient theme to its current version because old version of the theme might not work on the new version of WordPress… also you need to update the Visual Composer to its new version so that you don’t get any issues… If you are using child theme then you can simply update it…


Great info. Would you please tell me how to update salient theme and Visual Composer? I don’t see those options on my WP dashboard.