Wordpress - Up Counter needed - can anyone help pls!

Hi there, I need to show people how many years, months and days we have been incident free. Is there a counter anyone knows of that can set the years, months and days then have it continue counting and adding to this please?

Something like: 16 years - 6 months - 2 weeks - 4 days we have been LTI FREE!

I hope This Plugin will help you.

Thank you very much for your reply :smile:)

Does this work in wordpress theme? I am not sure how to use this one?

I think this is the right code but not sure where to put this code, does it go in my custom CSS?

$(’#sinceCompact’).countdown({since: startYear, compact: true,
format: ‘YOWDHMS’, description: ‘’});

Thanks again

Yes, its work with WP. You can design it as you want.

Thanks for your suggestion, but this appears to be a little beyond me :frowning: Anything easier out there I have only used normal plugins from codecanyon.

Anyone have a simple plugin that is easy to use … just a simple counter up from a date?

I can create a plugin for you, if you want. But you have to pay for this…

Hi @whisper, I already create a plugin. Take a LOOK . If you liked it ping me at skype. My skype id is “themewar”.