Wordpress Total theme How do I set rows to change from 3 rows to 2 rows at different screen sizes

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question. I’m using Total theme with Wordpress. I have setup icon boxs in rows of three. The problem is that at tablet portrait and tablet landscape mode the display is still using 3 rows, only on screen sizes smaller does it then reduce to display 2 rows. How can I set it to reduce to 2 rows earlier? I.E at larger screen sizes?

See attached

How do I keep the blocks uniform so that their dimensions retain a certain size to?
I’m no coder, so any help in laymen terms please.
Any help much appreciated.


Please contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support page and let them know. your theme Author will assist you.



Exactly what @mgscoder said - if you head over to the item support page there’s a link to open a ticket. Our support team can definitely help you out!