Wordpress toolkit



Hey there,
I bought my first theme from envato and need advice how to set up the wordpress toolkit for automatic updates, especially the place where to get an API key and where to fill in my username and that key. I have seen the library on git hub and downloaded+acivated the plugin - so whats next?

Thanks for any advice,

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  1. Install plugin in your wordpress ( zip github https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit plugin folder for upload this directly with Wordpress, also you can upload this in your Wordpress with FTP . )
  2. In plugin page after activation write this :
    Marketplace Username : hallygally
    Secret API Key : You find this in your Envato account -> Settings -> (Left Sidebar) Api Keys

Also your problem I have proposed here, because I met this at my clients, too.


Great, thezoc, very nice of you, thanks. All is working now, I just did not see there is another point “Envato Toolkit” in wordpress backend. Silly me. Also the API I found now.

regards, Thomas