Wordpress to html


Looking for someone that can convert my wordpress site to html.
It’s onepage, so it’s pretty simple if you know what you’re doing.
Site: diamondhost.org
Add me on skype: kmosdell


https://studio.envato.com/ this way you have some degree of assurance and can see reviews/examples etc. of who you are dealing with


Definitely check out Envato Studio, it will likely be an affordable solution.


Most listing on the studio is html to wordpress.
But what I do find is vice versa, wordpress to html
can you link me to some?


Is there a specific reason you want to go from WP to html?

You won’t find many people offering wp>html services but anyone with a little knowledge can do it…


I haven’t been using wordpress to change my website in a while
So I want it converted to standalone html for faster load times and less clutter in code.


Your website use Jarvis theme . Here is html version for Jarvis http://themeforest.net/item/jarvis-onepage-parallax-theme/4773311 and it is only $ 17. From their specification I see that it’s very easy to customize. Perhaps this is the cheapest solution.


I found someone who can do it for me, thanks anyways guys.


Great, thank a lot!


Ya you can visit “studio.envato.com” for more details, you can convert WP to HTML there are many tools avaliable for this thing, you can search or either you can go to envato.com.