WordPress Themes with Dual Sidebars

There are so many themes promising “unlimited layouts”, “unlimited blog options”…
And then, when you want something so simple and useful as 2 sidebars (left+right), hardly any theme supports it.
The way I see it, is that many developers pack their themes with gimmicks that are nothing more than fads… and don’t think at all about things that might be actually useful to designers…
When I look at the themes, I ignore all the fancy images, all the gimmicky effects… I look mainly for layout options, functionality and versatility.
So many themes but so many CLONES among them…
And then you should not be surprised that Avada has so many sales…
I have dual sidebars in Avada, but then how many sites should I build with Avada…
Are there any other advanced themes that focus on functionality/layout options (2 sidebars) rather than gimmicks?
Cheers and have a good day
Please don’t take it personally :slight_smile:

EDIT: found one: Ronneby. Good, there is some hope. Looking for more :slight_smile:
Another one: Canvas, Ark

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Seem you are looking exactly for a theme like Y Theme, it’s support double sidebars and differents sidebars widths.
It’s also built for be good especially on the backend and for the developers and advanced customizations.