Wordpress Themes with a Magento Store?

I apologize if this isn’t in the right place, but I figured since this is a hangout for (in part) Wordpress theme developers, I’d give it a shot:

I’m designing a site for a local bakery with a sizable regional following that does substantial eCommerce. They’re currently using a site from 2002, and their version of ‘eCommerce’ involves responding to an email triggered by a submission of a form on their store’s site containing order info. They process the charge manually, bake the cakes, and ship them off.

I’ve been using WooCommerce to implement their eCommerce solution integrated with a very nice theme, Hudson by Edge Themes purchased via ‘ThemeForest’. I’m at my wit’s end with WooCommerce though, and it’s because of the shoddy plugins you have to sift through to find what flat out works.

Can anybody point me in a direction to obtain some info on keeping the Wordpress site AND its current theme, and replace WooCommerce and its plugins for an alternative such as Magento?