WordPress themes where pages also make up index content

I recall seeing several themes on ThemeForest (modern, marketing-style themes) that assemble index pages (the front page) out of the actual content of pages within.

In this example…

– page 1
– page 2
– page 3

… pages 1 to 3 stand as distinct pages in their own right. Maybe they are “Our team”, “Services” or “Contact”. But those pages are also strung together, one after the other, to make up the front page.

Two questions:

  • Which themes offer this?

  • How on earth is it achieved? (I may decide to build me own theme).


Search for “onepage” or “single page” theme/template

I found an interesting tutorial at http://www.themevan.com/build-an-one-page-portfolio-website-with-wordpress/ which shows how to loop through and output the content of each page contained in a navbar, out on to the home.php file.

An interesting idea, I will try this some time.