WordPress themes to build a marketplace

Hi all,
I am looking for a WordPress theme good to build a marketplace. I already google it and found among many: Qibla, ListingPro, Listable etc…
However I need something slightly different. Basically after inserting multiple input search criteria (like city, title etc…), the resulting listings shall be videos (more or less like Youtube) and not directories as Airbnb or any marketplace do. Then clicking on the Video I should be able to enter a new page with additional videos and information (now as Airbnb does).
Are you aware or something which fits my needs?
Thanks a lot for your support!

This sounds like it would need to be a custom built job.

The directory/marketplace themes here may be a good starting point but you are going to need help to implement exactly what you want to do


as you already google it and found some themes. I would like to say buy one of them which features are most matching your requirements and hire a freelancer to make the theme customize to make as your demand.