wordpress themes SCAMS, REFUNDS WANTED !

Hello everybody, i purchased 2 wp themes here, but they are not working, they are broken and incomplete, impossible to install.

The wordpress themes are fixo and repa, in fixo, the demo loader does not install on wordpress, it says that the archive is empty when i try to install the wp plugin. Then, the “repa” theme is incorrectly built. CSS is missing !!!

What a shame, the support of these 2 themes does not answer !

I am losing my money and my time, i have a website to finish for a customer and right now i am stuck and in trouble due to this !

I’m running out of time.

I looked for a contact link on themeforest/envato but i did not find so i try the forum.

Please tell me how to get my money back ?

Of course i have got all the purchases evidences.

Thank you very much !

From France


You’d need to submit a refund request but it would need to be checked first

Can I get a refund

For example the only Repa item on themeforest is a html 5 template so will never work on WP but that doesn’t mean that it is broken

Pretty sure the themes are working fine but just need a little bit configuration.

FYI… Repa isn’t a Wordpress theme